Center of Allergy
Prevention and Treatment
M.D. PhD. Danuta Myłek
Specialist of Allergology
and Dermatology
e-mail: danuta_mylek@wp.pl
dr n. med. Danuta Myłek

Danuta Myłek ,M.D. PhD. is well -known alergologist and dermatologist. She is recognized pioneer in the field of allergy in Province of Podkarpacie, Poland , the activity which for over 20 years she has been organizing and improving. She is Allergy Consultant of Province of Podkarpacie, manager of ALLERGY CENTER "ALERGIA" in Stalowa Wola with branch in Tarnobrzeg and owner of Center of Allergy Prevention and Treatment in Stalowa Wola with its consultation office in Warszawa...

Range of the diseases Centrum of Prophylaxis and Treatment of Allergy:
  • Skin alergies;
  • Nose, Sinuses. Throat, Larynx allergy;
  • Bronchi et Pulmonium allergy;
  • Asthma;
  • Esophagus, Stomach allergy...

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