Center of Allergy
Prevention and Treatment
M.D. PhD. Danuta Myłek
Specialist of Allergology
and Dermatology
e-mail: danuta_mylek@wp.pl
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Range of the diseases Centrum of Prophylaxis and Treatment of Allergy:
  • Skin alergies;
  • Nose, Sinuses. Throat, Larynx allergy;
  • Bronchi et Pulmonium allergy;
  • Asthma;
  • Esophagus, Stomach allergy;
  • Central Nervous System allergy;
  • Joints allergy;
  • Urinary system allergy;
  • Autism.
Range od diagnostic and therapeutuic procedures in Centrum:
  • Prick test with inhaled and food allergens;
  • Prick-prick (native) with food;
  • Patch test with chemicals, drugas and cosmetics;
  • Patch test - hairdressers set (Throlab)
  • Patch test - dentists and prostetics set
  • Atopic patch test with inhaled and food allergnes;
  • Specific IgE with food, inhalers, latex and hymenoptera;
  • Intradermal tests with inhaled and food allergens;
  • Induividually tailored diets;
  • Immunotherapy.
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