Center of Allergy
Prevention and Treatment
M.D. PhD. Danuta Myłek
Specialist of Allergology
and Dermatology
e-mail: danuta_mylek@wp.pl

Danuta Myłek ,M.D. PhD. is well -known alergologist and dermatologist. She is recognized pioneer in the field of allergy in Province of Podkarpacie, Poland , the activity which for over 20 years she has been organizing and improving. She is Allergy Consultant of Province of Podkarpacie, manager of ALLERGY CENTER "ALERGIA" in Stalowa Wola with branch in Tarnobrzeg and owner of Center of Allergy Prevention and Treatment in Stalowa Wola with its consultation office in Warszawa. Several years ago she started to popularise general knowledge about allergy in town among doctors and midwives and then in community of town, neighbourhood, province and country. She conducted courses of training for kindergarten personnel of the town and organized kindergarten for children with allergy.

Teachers from all primary schools in Stalowa Wola were trained by her on psychoemotional consequences and difficulties in learning in case of lack treatment or improper treatment of allergy. She popularise principles of healthy nutrition in local and nationwide radio and TV broadcasts and numerous articles in newspapers.

She was the first doctor who 23 years ago started breastfeeding promotional action as a method of allergy and arteriosclerosis prevention.

She is the only Polish member of highly recognized american scientific society of allergology: American College of Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology and member of European Academy and Clinical Immunology, Polish Society of Allergology, Polish Society of Dermatology, Polish Medical Association - Psychosomatic Medicine Section.

She was one of three Polish doctors who during past 30 years had an honor to be nominated a member of board of Swiss Foundation for Research of Allergy in Europe cooperating with European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

She is well-known ambassador of her home town as an excellent specialist, multi-lingual, courageous, inquiring. She is not afraid to keep even unpopular and controversial ideas. She writes books on allergy for ordinary people, but everybody knows that her books read all those who want to understand what is allergy. Three years ago appeared her sixth book on allergy "ALERGIE", WAB 2001.

In professional life she attained both international and nationwide success. She has been treating patients with serious allergies from Poland and abroad.

In private life she belongs to well known business and welfare circles of the town in the field of medicine. She run allergy treatment center conducting all worldwide known tests: prick, intradermal, epidermal classic, epidermal atopic, prick-prick, desensitisation: mites, pollen, foods. All tests enable to select individual diet to help in permanent control not only allergy but also obesity, rheumatism, circulatory system and other diseases.

She has time for everything- skiing, swimming, gardening, and she has husband and two grown up sons with allergy. Some time ago she suffered due to allergy, today she is healthy and full of life. She loves dancing. Cooperates with state health department on developing modern principles of health care system, she deals with policy, organization and improvement of allergy care in Province of Podkarpacie and development of guidelines for Allergy Prevention and Food Intolerance Program for infants in families with inherited susceptibility to allergy.

Her greatest passion is her job and her patients.

She knows three languages and English is the one which she speaks freely.

She is full of energy, vegetarian.

If there is anything you want to express your indignation, you want to change and you don't have enough courage, or you are afraid that that it may affect your professional or social life just call to her. She will have courage to speak about those things that everybody knows but is afraid to say loudly.

Admission hours::

  1. Every day in Allergy Center "Przychodnia Alergologiczna" -"ALERGIA" In Stalowa Wola at Wyszyńskiego 2 Str. before noon. You require medical examination & treatment order from your family doctor or specialist, ph. (0-15) 643-32-90
  2. On Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons in Center of Allergy Prevention and Treatment in Stalowa Wola at Al.J. Pawła II 13 Str, ph. (15) 842-09-27 (from 15:00).
  3. 3. Once, sometimes twice a month in Warszawa at Zytnia 64 Str , ph.(0-22)632-00-68.

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