Danuta Myłek
the Doctor of Medical Science

Danuta Myłek, the Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) is a recognised alergologist and dermatologist who worked in Stalowa Wola for 50 years. Being a pioneer in allergology in the Podkarpackie Province, she organised and improved her practice for over 40 years. For 10 years she was the Consultant for Allergology in the Podkarpackie Province and the director of the two Allergy Clinics “ALERGIA” and “PROGRES” in Stalowa Wola.

More than 30 years ago, she began to popularise basic knowledge about preventing allergies, initially among doctors and midwives, then in the local community, the province and finally in the whole country. She also trained the staff in the city’s kindergartens and set up a kindergarten for allergic children in Stalowa Wola.


Danuta Myłek - książki

I invite you to read my books. Not only for allergy sufferers! One of them is a medical and cooking book for those who want to live a long and in good shape. The second is a popular science book, handbook, autobiography and medical novel all rolled into one.

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