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Wykład - Co to jest zapalenie?

What is inflammation?

  • Part I: causes, mechanisms of inflammation, symptoms of inflammation, types of inflammation, the role of the immune system in inflammation, description of lymphocytes, their anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory effects, what is the immune system, composition, functions what is immunity, what interferes with its functions, examples of inflammations (autoimmune diseases, atherosclerosis, obesity, allergies, infections.
  • Part II: inflammation diagnostics (laboratory tests), food diagnostics (food allergy, food hypersensitivity, fatty acids, nutrigenetic tests), flow cytometry, anti-inflammatory food ingredients.


Lecture plan: why we need iodine, breasts and iodine, pregnancy and fetus and iodine, thyroid hormones, sodium-iodine symporters, iodolipids, 2-iodohexadecanal (2- IHDA), iodolactones, the body’s demand for iodine, iodine sources , symptoms of iodine deficiency, what causes iodine deficiency, what interferes with the body’s absorption of iodine, diagnosis of the body’s demand for iodine.

Wykład - Jod
Wykład - Mikrobiota jelitowa


What it is, nomenclature, composition of the gut microbiota, MALT, GALT (logical local immune systems related to mucous membranes – MALT – all mucous membranes, GALT – intestinal mucosa, where bacteria in the digestive tract come from), the environment and the gut microbiota, the role of the gut microbiota, how the microbiota protects us, gut microbiota homeostasis and dysbiosis, what changes microbiota homeostasis, symptoms and consequences of dysbiosis, diagnosis of dysbiosis, interpretation of the indirect dysbiosis test, tailor-made diet in the treatment of microbiota disorders, probiotics, – their features, how to use them and when.

Autoimmune diseases

The role of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems in formation of autoimmune diseases, the role of the thymus gland, what weakens its functioning, mechanisms of autoimmune diseases, causes of their formation, diagnostics of autoimmune diseases, main autoimmune diseases.

Wykład - Choroby autoimmunologiczne
Wykład - Choroba Hashimoto

Hashimoto's disease

What it is, the role of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, the immune system, what the thymus is, its role, the physiology of the thyroid gland, the thyroid in feedback, how are thyroid hormones formed, the role of deiodinases, the thyroid and the organs of the body, the role of iodine in the body, iodine deficiency – causes, iodine in Hashimoto’s disease, symptoms of thyroid hormone deficiency, mechanisms of autoimmune diseases, causes, the course, diagnosis and interpretation of test results, treatment of Hashimoto’s disease, Do “autoimmune protocols regarding diet in Hashimoto’s disease” make sense?


The golden hour or maybe golden minutes after childbirth, benefits of exclusive breastfeeding, difficulties in conducting exclusive breastfeeding, prevention of allergies and other chronic diseases by promoting exclusive breastfeeding after childbirth.

Wykład - Karmienie piersią

How to live 100 years in physical and mental health - slow-aging

Several lectures on the following topics: what phenomena control cell aging, what are telomeres and what role they play in life expectancy, causes of telomere shortening, what lengthens telomeres, causes of accelerated aging, how to slow down aging.

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